Priority delivery: online shopping

Supermarkets are trying to ensure that all their vulnerable customers have access to everything they need via home deliveries.

How do I get my priority delivery slot?

Supermarkets are trying to ensure that all their vulnerable customers have access to everything they need via home deliveries.

This is advice is mostly for people living in England.  If you are living in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, refer to our advice here.

How do I register as a vulnerable customer?

Supermarkets are working from government lists identifying who the vulnerable people who have online accounts with them are.

You must register on the government website here. in order for supermarkets to know you are on the ‘extremely vulnerable list.’

This takes up to 48 hours for supermarkets to get the information.

  • After you click ‘start now’, you’ll be taken to an online questionnaire.
  • It’ll start by asking “do you live in England” and then the next question will ask: “Have you recently had a letter from the NHS about your situation as someone who’s extremely vulnerable to coronavirus?”
  • Regardless of whether you answer “yes”, “no” or “not sure”, you’ll then be taken to the next question which asks about what medical condition you have that makes you extremely vulnerable.
  • You’ll then need to fill out your personal details.

This is how supermarkets are aiding vulnerable people – there are different processes for different supermarkets, so this is what you need to know for all the major supermarket chains across the UK.

Most people affected by pulmonary fibrosis will now have a letter confirming your vulnerable status.  If you don’t and have tried contacting your ILD Specialist Team or GP, you can email us on with your name, consultant name, specialist centre and your last contact with them.

Supermarkets and their process for priority online shopping slots


Asda is working from the government list and has said that they have written to over 91,000 of their most vulnerable customers who had an email address linked to an Asda customer account.

Those who received an email have been sent advice about how to claim a delivery slot free of charge.

Click here for information from Asda.


Iceland have announced that they are temporarily limiting online orders to customers who are over state pension age, self isolating or otherwise vulnerable, such as those who are disabled.

When you go on the Iceland website to book a delivery, a pop up will appear asking if you are over state pension age, vulnerable or self isolating.

If you click yes, you’ll be allowed to view the delivery slot calendar.

Click here for more information from Iceland.


Morrisons has not implemented specific delivery slots for vulnerable customers, but has introduced other methods that they are using to try and help those customers.

These changes include:

– Making more delivery slots available to customers through their Morrisons website and through the Morrisons Store on Amazon Prime Now

– Launching a customer call centre for orders to be taken over the phone so that people who don’t use online shopping can still order food – that phone number is 0345 322 0000

– Launching food boxes that are designed to provide homes with everyday essentials, with both a vegetarian and meat eater option – find out more here


Sainsbury’s are also working from the same list from the government that has the details of those extremely vulnerable to the virus.

If you live in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, Sainsbury’s says that they are working hard with each of the respective governments to “gather the details of the most vulnerable living in these countries”.

You can call their contact centre on 0800 328 1700 between 8am and 11pm, but they are experiencing a high number of calls.

Click here for the latest information from Sainsbury’s.


Tesco is trying to prioritise home delivery slots for vulnerable customers, reserving “hundreds of thousands of home delivery slots a week” according to a statement from the supermarket chain.

They are identifying customers using the list provided by the Government.

To try and get access to a priority slot, you can phone 0800 917 7359.

Tesco says that they are “working closely with administrators across the UK and expect this list to be extended to cover Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in the coming weeks”.

Click here for more information from Tesco’s.


Waitrose has said that they have committed “at least 25 per cent of our orders to elderly and vulnerable customers” and confirmed they’re in the process of contacting vulnerable customers to offer them delivery slots.

Waitrose have said that, to help them cope with demand, they are asking customers to wait until they get in touch with them, rather than customers trying to get in touch with Waitrose.

Click here for more online information from Waitrose.

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