APF's Top Tips For Planning Christmas 2020

December 2020

Christmas 2020, to reflect the year 2020, will be different for our community. However you are feeling, and however you are choosing to spend your Christmas, we want you to know that APF are here to support you.

Please note - The latest advice on forming bubbles at Christmas has changed. You can make a Christmas bubble if you live in Tier 1, 2 or 3, however you cannot make a Christmas bubble in Tier 4. Please see Government information on the Christmas bubble

Whether you choose to go and visit family and friends on Christmas Day, or you are continuing to shield. We have specialist tips from leading ILD clinicians across the UK to support your decision.

Even if you choose not to celebrate in person with loved ones, with news of the vaccine, you could consider booking in a date next year for family get together or plan virtual Christmas activities.

Although the usual restrictions have been slightly relaxed over the festive period, Coronavirus is still present, and it is important to think about your safety and well-being when deciding how you would like to spend Christmas.

Here are our top tips, we would love to hear from you if there are other ideas we can include:

1. Ultimately the best way to reduce your risk of catching Covid-19 is to continue to ‘shield’ as you have been.

2. Plan something every day that connects you safely with friends and family; this gives you and your family something to look forward to – this could be zoom calls, phone calls, texts, or letters.

3. If you are going to meet up, plan a walk or meet outside

4. If you are going to meet friends or family inside we recommend;

a. Keep rooms well ventilated and rotate the use of rooms if you can after each hour E.g. move out of the room you have eaten in and then use again later

b. Regular hand washing and wiping of surfaces

c. Don’t kiss or hug

d. Wear masks (FFPs face masks are of the highest standard)

e. Make a seating plan – sit at the head of the table, or at a good distance from people from other households

f. Don’t share snacks or food – plate up your portion first

5. If this is likely to be your last Christmas, you may well choose to spend the day with your family (we have included some helpful information from Marie Curie in the 'Other Resources' section)

You are not alone

Although you may choose to continue shielding this Christmas, you are not alone. Our support phone line will be running throughout the week of Christmas, so you can chat to someone who understands pulmonary fibrosis.

You may also find the following phone services helpful, (please double check opening times before calling, we have made every effort to ensure these services are open on Christmas Day) :

The Silverline

Cruse Bereavement Services


You may also want to visit our Facebook page where you can read articles, connect with people in the APF community and join conversations.

Other resources

Marie Curie have sensitive and helpful content on:

Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis wish you a safe, and peaceful Christmas.