Talking PF: Free Zoom sessions about life, lungs and staying strong

April 2021

If you live with pulmonary fibrosis as a patient or carer, take a look our new online talks.

Held on Zoom between May and July, Talking PF will be a series of live webinars covering key issues, with advice to help you live better with pulmonary fibrosis.

Each session will cover a different subject, including the causes of pulmonary fibrosis; strategies to help you live well; advice for carers, from carers; pulmonary rehab and oxygen therapy.

After each talk there will be a live Q&A session where you can put questions to our speakers - who will include doctors, carers, nurses and patients.

Talking PF kicks off on the 12th May.

To register your interest, simply click on the links below:

How did I get PF? 

12th May, 8pm

Surviving or thriving: how to live well with pulmonary fibrosis

26th May, 8pm

Personal experiences for caring for loved ones with pulmonary fibrosis

9th June, 8pm

Pulmonary Rehabilitation: exercise therapy explained

26th June, 8pm

Oxygen therapy: your questions answered

7th July, 8pm

Talking PF meetings are a collaboration between Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis and Boehringer Ingelheim Limited. Boehringer Ingelheim Limited provided funding and support, with organising and project management in line with the ABPI Code of Practice.

NP-GB-101798  Date of Preparation: April 2021