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This September we are asking all our wonderful supporters to get involved and Create a Stir for people affected by Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Invite your friends and family to join you to help us raise awareness and raise funds, and you can make a big difference to the 70,000 people affected by Pulmonary Fibrosis in the UK each year.

Getting involved is so simple, there are three types of parties you can host in person or virtually, all you have to do is decide what type of stir you want to create and ask your friends to make a donation to join your party!

Let’s Brew This!

Simple and traditional, everyone loves a brew to catch up, have a natter, eat treats and raise some dough.  

Shaken or Stirred?  

A cocktail party is a great opportunity to gather together good friends and enjoy a delicious cocktail. You can swap recipes and get creative with some home-made decorations.  

Milk it!  

A milkshake party is a great way to for children to fundraise and get their friends involved. It could be a double chocolate milkshake or even a fruit and yogurt shake. Inspire your little ones to try out their own recipes and get imaginative!

Stir it up this PF month

Create a Stir for a loved one affected by pulmonary fibrosis, and raise much needed funds for Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis. Every penny raised will help us in our fight to:

• Raise awareness of pulmonary fibrosis and its impact on patients and families

• Increase support for those affected by pulmonary fibrosis

• Grow research into the disease and treatments, which could one day lead to a cure

Sign up today

If you are shielding, you can still host your own Create a Stir at home event by grabbing your phone, iPad or laptop, and having your party via video link. Just invite your loved ones to join you and make a donation. We can help you to navigate Zoom, Whatsapp group-calls and other free online ways of connecting with your friends and family.

If you’d prefer to do it in person, we can help you make sure you follow the government guidelines of social distancing to keep you and your party guests safe. We’ll provide you with everything you need to make your party a success. Banners, balloons, invitations, recipe cards and much more.

Register now for your free Create a Stir Fundraising Pack

Meet some of the hosts

Mae and Louis Saunders will be hosting there very own Milkshake Party in their back garden during PF Month. They will be inviting their friend to sample some of their own milkshake and smoothie recipes while raising funds for APF.

When asked what inspired them to hold the party, they said

It’s so important more people know about PF and we think awareness month is a great time to raise awareness and host our party.
Mae and Louis Saunders sampling some new milkshake creations