Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month September 2021

Let’s clear the air about PF

Pulmonary Fibrosis (PF) affects 70,000 of us in the UK.
It is terminal, with a worse outcome than most cancers. It involves scarring on the lungs and the main symptoms are coughing and breathlessness.

PF isn’t catching. But it is chronically misunderstood.

People with PF can’t control their coughing fits, which can last up to an hour, and often feel isolated and judged by others – who think they are spreading COVID 19 or another infectious disease.

This PF Awareness Month understanding needs to go viral.

We are here to raise awareness of PF and help patients, carers and families live with this terminal condition. Greater understanding would really help with that. So, we need your support!

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