Current research projects

At Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis, we are passionate about research. Through research, we generate new knowledge, ideas and understanding that will improve the way we diagnose, monitor and treat pulmonary fibrosis.

Are you passionate about shaping research into pulmonary fibrosis?

We are calling on you to be pioneers in a truly unique opportunity from the James Lind Alliance to set the priorities for future research.

This is a one-time opportunity for you to shape future research into pulmonary fibrosis across the world. Find out more about how you can be part of this exciting project.

Patients as partners in research

Alongside directly funding research, we make important contributions to research through patient and public involvement (PPI) opportunities.  We collaborate with researchers by providing expert insight and a national perspective of the unmet needs of patients and families affected by pulmonary fibrosis.  Members of the APF community share their lived experience with researchers to help guide the development and implementation of research, ensuring that the aims, design, delivery and outcomes reflect the needs and priorities of patients and their families.  

APF and our community are actively involved in research projects throughout the UK, contributing collectively to multi-million pounds worth of investment in pulmonary fibrosis research.  We work directly with individual researchers, laboratories, and as part of nationwide collaborations.  We support research across all levels, from PhD studentships to multi-centre clinical trials.

Opportunities to take part in research

There are lots of different ways that you can take part in research, from completing surveys to taking part in a clinical trial.  You can learn more about opportunities to take part in research by speaking to your clinical team, reading our research news, and learning about clinical trials

You can directly support research by donating to our Hope for All Research Appeal.

You must discuss all aspects of your participation or interest in participating in a clinical trial with your medical team.