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Symptom one, Increasingly breathlessSymptom two, Persistent, dry coughSymptom three, FatiguedSymptom four, Chest sounds like velcro

“I wish my GP had known more about my disease” is a comment made by patients with PF and IPF on a regular basis.

We know that pulmonary fibrosis can be difficult to diagnose and misdiagnosis is common. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Royal College of General Practitioners to create a new module aimed at improving awareness of pulmonary fibrosis diagnosis. We have also got resources and materials for your patient, so that they have the support they need from diagnosis.

E-learning course module

Free 30-minute digital module is available to all GP’s and medical professionals to help spot the signs and symptoms of progressive lung fibrosis.

The course covers everything the generalist in primary care needs to know about idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. This will include pathophysiology, presentation, natural history, treatment options, exacerbations, oxygen therapy, lung transplant, advanced care planning and end of life care.

Access the course

Printable resources

Pulmonary fibrosis leaflet

You can print this to give to your patients. The flyer includes details about life with pulmonary fibrosis and a medical information form for your patient to complete.

Download the leaflet (PDF)

Support information flyer

We don’t want anyone to face pulmonary fibrosis alone. You can print and give this flyer to your patients. The flyer includes details of the charity and our support line number. We recommend adding their local support group details in writing for reference.

Download the flyer (PDF)

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