Our pulmonary fibrosis webinars include in depth talks, patient stories, and insight from medical consultants.

In-depth talks

Clearing the air about cough

Professor Surinder Birring, Liz Robertson and Steve Jones discuss cough severity in pulmonary fibrosis, mechanisms of cough, possible treatments and future trials.

Oct 2021

Does DNA hold the key to understanding IPF?

Mike Bray APF research fellow, Dr Richard Allen, who is based at the University of Leicester, has led the largest genetic study of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis to date and helped identify changes in DNA that can increase the risk of IPF.

Sep 2020

Talking PF –
Series of mini talks and Q&As about lungs, life and keeping strong

In collaboration with

1. How did I get PF?

Helping you to understand pulmonary fibrosis better. With lung specialist Dr Simon Hart

May 2021

2. Surviving or thriving – how to live well with pulmonary fibrosis

If you live with pulmonary fibrosis, you’ll know that some days can be worse than others. How can you develop strategies to cope? Counselling Psychologist Dr Kyriacou and Sylvia Gibbin gave some tried and tested tips.

May 2021

3. Caring for loved ones with pulmonary fibrosis

Fellow carers Dee and Maxine shared personal experiences and answered questions from the live audience.

Jun 2021

4. Could pulmonary rehab help you live better with pulmonary fibrosis?

Pulmonary rehabilitation can help improve ones ability to function and quality of life. Hear from those who’ve tried it: Ron and Lorna answered  questions live.

Jun 2021

5. Oxygen therapy

Want to learn more about Oxygen Therapy? In this session Ron Flewett, who is living with IPF, and Respiratory Nurse, Debbie Roots will bust the myths, present the facts and answer your questions live.

Jul 2021