Frequently asked questions

Answering your questions about research.  

What is pulmonary fibrosis research?

Why is research important?

Are there different types of research?

What is a clinical trial?

Who conducts research?

Are there other ways to get involved in research?

Why participate?

Are studies and trials safe?

Who can take part?

Can I change my mind?

What should I consider before taking part?

Will I get paid to take part?

Where do I find out about trials?

What practical considerations are there?

At what point during my illness or treatment can I take part?

What happens on a study?

What is informed consent?

Where does the research take place?

How are volunteers kept safe?

What tests will I need to have?

What information will researchers collect about me?

Will the information collected about me be kept confidential?

What is a placebo?

Will there be any side effects?

Can I keep taking my current treatment or medications?

What happens after taking part in research?

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