Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Ask your healthcare team about taking part in research

Here we answer your questions about taking part in research.

About pulmonary fibrosis research

What is pulmonary fibrosis research?

Why is research important?

What is a clinical trial?

Who conducts research?

Thinking about taking part in research

Why might I consider taking part in research?

Are there other ways to get support research without taking part?

Are research studies safe?

Will there be any side effects?

Can I change my mind?

What questions might I ask before taking part?

Will I get paid to take part?

Can I keep taking my current treatment?

How do I get involved?

Where do I find out about research studies?

Who can take part?

At what point during my illness or treatment can I take part?

What happens during the study?

What is informed consent?

Where does the research take place?

What tests will I need to have?

What information will researchers collect about me?

Will my data be handled confidentially?

What is a placebo?

What happens after I have taken part?

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