Coronavirus FAQs

These are the answers to questions about COVID-19 posed by you. We will keep you up to date with any new information and advice as we get it.


If you suspect you have COVID-19

What is the guidance for clinically extremely vulnerable people now?

Can my partner/family be vaccinated at the same time as me?

How do I get food, medicine and essential supplies?

Will I be vaccinated early because I have pulmonary fibrosis?

I can’t get a delivery slot, but I need more food, what should I do?

Can I take the vaccine if I’m on immunosuppressants? If I can, will it work as well as it does for other people?

Is there a connection between Covid-19 and fibrosis of the lungs?

Will the vaccine make my PF worse?

What is the chance of getting covid-19 at the time I get my vaccine?

Can I say no to the vaccine initially and then take it later in the year after we know a bit more?

I haven’t heard about my next hospital appointment, what should I do?

What about my medical treatment?

Preventing others from infecting you

What about my oxygen supply?

How do I maintain social distancing?

What happens if I am admitted to hospital?

Should I wear a face mask?

What about medications and the coronavirus?

What can I do to help others?

This page was originally published on 8 March 2020, and was last updated on 10 February 2021. This advice is updated as new information becomes available.