Support and connection

Self isolation doesn’t have to mean being alone. We’re lucky to live in connected times and being in touch via the phone, email and virtually is so important.

Here’s a few ways to keep in touch with friends and family:

Watch this fantastic video on how to use Zoom from John at St George’s ILD Support Group.

If you need any help using a smartphone or an online video system to stay connected to people you care about let us know. Email us on – we are here to help you!

Support groups – staying connected during coronavirus

If you are a leader:

  • We can offer advice and support, connect you with other leaders, and run national and regional leaders' meetings to encourage and update one another. For more information email us at

If you are a member of a support group, or would like to be:

  • Ask your support group leader if they can put you in touch with someone else from the group via the phone. To find out more about local or shared interest support groups (such as carers or transplant) see our Support groups page, or we can link you up.

Talk to someone...

If you need information or advice on living with pulmonary fibrosis, we are here to help. See our Support line page for information about how to speak with a specialist nurse or peer volunteer. Other sources of support include your local council and charities such as Silverline who run a befriending phone service or Cruse who offer bereavement support.

Stay in touch with APF

  • Follow us on social media – we will be posting news, information and sharing positivity from our community to keep us all connected during this challenging time.
  • Keep an eye on our website – we’ll be keeping it up to-date with the latest news

Look out for emails from APF – if you want to hear from us via email you can sign up on our website