When a loved one dies with pulmonary fibrosis

Most types of pulmonary fibrosis are progressive, so it is likely that your loved one will eventually die from pulmonary fibrosis or a complication linked to pulmonary fibrosis (eg pneumonia). As a carer, partner, family member or friend there is plenty of support available, at the time you need it.

Coping with loss

The loss of a loved one can feel overwhelming. You may be very upset straight away or suddenly become very anxious or depressed after several months. Others may manage their grief on their own.

There’s no wrong or right way to grieve. Everyone copes with bereavement differently.

Get support

There are lots of options of support after someone you love dies. If your loved one died under the care of a hospice, they may be able to support you in your bereavement. Cruse Bereavement care offers a chatline, whilst The GOOD Grief Trust hosts an extensive range of information, resources and services. You can also search for local bereavement support.

Other helpful resources

Visit your local GP

‍Over time if your mood is persistently low, or you feel in need of support contact your local GP

Support Groups

Many people find it helpful to carry on going to their pulmonary fibrosis support group after the death of a loved one from pulmonary fibrosis. If you haven't attended one before, we have a tool to find your nearest support group.

You can also call or email our support line, run by a specialist nurse and trained volunteers with lived experience of pulmonary fibrosis.

Create an online memorial tribute

Much Loved is a great way to create an online memorial service for your loved one. You can add pictures, music and video as well as the ability to ask people to leave a donation for your own chosen charity

Connect with us on social media

We aim to create a community atmosphere on our social media platforms, where you can feel informed and supported in your PF journey, whilst potentially connecting and this continues after a loved one dies.

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