Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis BBC TV Lifeline Appeal

Tricia sitting in living room being filmed by BBC film crew
December 2022

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On Sunday 18th December at 13:25 on BBC One, we will be raising awareness of pulmonary fibrosis on a national level through the launch of our BBC TV Lifeline appeal. On the eve of our 10th anniversary Shama, Tricia, Deepak and Naisha tell us how APF is changing lives through support and research. The appeal will be repeated on BBC Two and available to view on iPlayer. BBC TV Weather Presenter and Meteorologist Sarah Keith-Lucas, who has a personal connection to pulmonary fibrosis, presents the appeal on behalf of APF.

I’ve seen the truly devasting impact of Pulmonary fibrosis close-up. Caring for someone with this little-known disease can be terrifying experience.  I’m absolutely thrilled to be presenting this appeal on behalf of APF. By supporting this charity you can help change lives and put a stop to pulmonary fibrosis.

Sarah Keith-Lucas


Meet Shama: 

When Shama was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis earlier this year, she felt like her world was collapsing. With little information about the disease, Shama struggled with her diagnosis and what it would mean for her and her family.

Shama explains how connecting to APF has changed her life. Through her local support group, Shama has built a support network and found a place she can talk to other people facing the same challenges.

Shama Malik

Meet Deepak and Naisha: 

Deepak and Naisha lost devoted wife and mother, Sheetal, to PF in 2020 when she was just 43 years old.

Hear their story as they explain why APF funded research into pulmonary fibrosis is urgently needed now.

Deepak and Naisha

Meet Tricia:

Tricia is living with pulmonary fibrosis, and is reliant on oxygen 24/7.

Listen to Tricia explain how, when she needed the support the most, her APF telephone befriender became a lifeline and a friend.

Tricia Kay

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