APF in Parliament: a first step towards change

Stef Cormack, Andrew Glynne and Steve Milward stand together in front of an APF sign, smiling at the camera.
November 2023

We were delighted to welcome 34 MPs from all over the UK to our first drop-in event in Parliament on Wednesday 25th October.

Invited by APF and our amazing PF community, the MPs came to find out more about issues affecting people with pulmonary fibrosis. Over 1300 people contacted their MP to invite them, and we are proud to share that 75% of all MPs in parliament were contacted by a constituent to attend.

We are incredibly thankful to Mark Logan MP and Mohammed Yasin MP for sponsoring this event.

This meeting marks the start of APF’s activity in Westminster. We’ll be an ever-present voice in Parliament in an effort to make pulmonary fibrosis part of the political agenda.  

Steve Milward and Carol Fielding, who both live with pulmonary fibrosis and are part of the Bolton Pulmonary Fibrosis Support Group attended. They shared the group’s successes in providing support for the local community, which they hope can be replicated by other groups around the country. We were also grateful to be joined by Lord Vernon Coaker and Cllr Michelle Welsh who have been very supportive in Nottingham.

All MPs who attended were briefed on issues affecting people with pulmonary fibrosis and their care, such as diagnosis, treatments, follow-up,and support, as well as regional variation in PF pathways and services.

Every MP was asked to share that they had attended the event to raise public awareness of PF and to write to their local health body to ask them to implement APF’s upcoming gold standard pathway for PF care. We’ll also be asking every interested MP to meet with their local support group to find out how they can help in their constituency.

It was encouraging to welcome so many MPs to our first event in parliament. We are very thankful to our passionate PF community for inviting so many of their local representatives along to the event.
We need action to tackle the distinct challenges faced by people living with lung scarring compared to other respiratory conditions, and this event was an important step in boosting awareness and putting this terminal lung condition on the political agenda.

Bradley Price, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis

Pictured above, left to right, are Stef Cormack (Head of Services at APF), Andrew Gwynne MP (Shadow Minister for Social Care) and Steve Milward, (Chairman of the Bolton PF Support Group).

The full list of attendees is:

·       Elliot Colburn

·       Ashley Dalton

·       Tim Farron

·       Marion Fellows

·       Mark Fletcher

·       Patricia Gibson

·       Jonathan Gullis

·       Andrew Gwynne

·       Rebecca Harris

·       Sir John Hayes

·       Philip Hollobone

·       Sir George Howarth

·       Dr Rupa Huq

·       Dame Diana Johnson

·       Kate Kniveton

·       Mark Logan

·       Marco Longhi

·       Jonathan Lord

·       Paul Maynard

·       Stuart C. McDonald

·       Anne McLaughlin

·       Nigel Mills

·       Dean Russell

·       Amanda Solloway

·       John Spellar

·       Julian Sturdy

·       Derek Thomas

·       Maggie Throup

·       Liz Twist

·       David Rutley

·       Dr Jamie Wallis

·       Dame Rosie Winterton

·       Pete Wishart

·       Mohammad Yasin