APF welcomes new research centre for rare lung diseases

April 2024

A new national research centre, enabled with £9.4 million of funding from LifeArc, will help accelerate the development of improved tests and treatments for people living with lung diseases including PF. This new collaborative project aims to remove barriers that slow research and discovery. 

We’re delighted to see LifeArc’s investment in vital research for people affected by pulmonary fibrosis and other rare lung diseases.  We are looking forward to expanding our involvement in this project and helping to shape the ongoing design and delivery through lived experience expertise.   

Wendy Adams, Director of Research for APF

The centre will be led by University of Edinburgh, and is a collaborative project bringing together UK based universities, NHS Trusts and  patient advocacy groups including APF, Childhood Interstitial Lung Disease, LAM Action, PCS Research and PCD Support UK.

If you’re interested in using your lived experience to help shape research, you can join our involvement network. Please email involvement@actionpf.org to find out more.

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