Apply for a BALR Summer Studentship

March 2024

Summer Studentship Opportunity

Deadline for submission: Friday 10th May 2024, 5pm

Together with the British Association of Lung Research (BALR), Pulmonary Fibrosis Northern Ireland and Breathing Matters, we are supporting summer studentships.

This is an opportunity for undergraduate basic science or medical students to undertake a project for up to 8 weeks. Students will have the opportunity to undertake respiratory research in an area of interest to them, supported by an experienced scientific expert. The studentship offers an exciting prospect for students considering a career in lung disease research.

The funding awarded includes a student stipend, project costs, and a travel award to enable the findings of the research project to be presented at a scientific conference.

The projects can cover:

  • A specific lung condition (e.g., IPF, asthma, COPD)
  • Cross-respiratory research, with value across all (e.g., pulmonary infection)

Interested in applying?

To find out more about applying and the eligibility criteria, please visit the BALR website.

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