Free Wellbeing Sessions for Volunteers and Carers Week

Silhouette of man with arms open looking out at sunset
April 2021

The sessions, which will take place via zoom during Volunteers Week (1-7 June) and Carers Week (8-13 June),aim to enable us have fun, boost mood and enjoy learning something new that aids your wellbeing.

This is also one way saying, "Thank you" to our volunteers, many of whom are PF patients, carers, or healthcare professionals.

Sessions are free and will take place between 2-3pm on the following dates:

Tuesday 1 June – Mindfulness with Carolyne Bennett. Many people find that practising mindfulness and being kind to yourself can help to manage day-to-day wellbeing, feel calmer and less stressed and have a greater sense of emotional wellbeing.


Thursday 3 June - Singing for breathing with Marika Rauscher - back by popular demand! Come and have a lot of fun and also discover the health benefits of singing, which can build lung capacity, help you to breathe more deeply and slowly, strengthen muscles that control breathing, improve posture, and help you to control and project your voice.


Tuesday 8 June – Sleep and relaxation with Jude Lebof. If you find yourself counting sheep at night, come and enjoy a relaxing session with lots of tips about ways to help you to sleep well and feel refreshed.


Thursday 10 June - Laughter yoga and happiness – with Genny Jones. The health benefits of laughter are well known and laughter yoga aims to do just that! Genny will guide us through this fun, laughter and happiness session, and asks us to feel welcome to wear bright, fun clothing and bring along things that make you smile!


All events are free to attend. Please register here so that we can send you the zoom links to attend.

(Any problems or queries please contact us at )