Helping you to get virtual - support group leaders learn about help to get online and use virtual platforms

Young lady assisting a patient with pulmonary fibrosis to use his laptop
April 2022

PF Support Group leaders from around the UK met last month to hear from AbilityNet, a charitable organisation who provide free IT support at home to older people, disabled people of any age, their family, friends, and those who care for them.

Times have certainly changed over the last couple of years since the pandemic and we’ve all had to get used to communicating in a different way. Some have embraced the use of virtual platforms like “Zoom” and others have struggled with simply sending emails or looking for websites.

However, no matter what your confidence or ability, Chris Grant from AbilityNet, explained how their trained volunteers are able to support and guide anyone to reach their goals. Their 1-2-1 assistance will help you to navigate the internet, make online appointments, join virtual groups or shop at the touch of a button. Watch Maggie’s video to see how AbilityNet helped her.

More information can be found on the AbilityNet website and requesting your free IT support is just a simple click. However, they can also be contacted on 0800 048 7642 if you prefer to call. There are a number of other helpful resources on the website, e.g. fact sheets, webinars and other useful links.

Some group leaders have already contacted AbilityNet and are making good use of their support and guidance.

In addition to AbilityNet, other organisations like Good Things Foundation and Age UK provide free support and a range of resources to help you get on-line.