Katie’s fundraising project inspired by her dad Anthony!

Katie and her Dad Anthony
February 2022

My name is Katie, I’m 24 years old and I live in Beverley. My dad, Anthony, has had Pulmonary Fibrosis for seven years. In October 2021 his PF had got a lot worse and after two hospital admissions he was given oxygen at home as his blood oxygen was dropping as low as 72%.

My Dad also has rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes type two and emphysema. He wasn’t told the words “pulmonary fibrosis” until December 2021 despite being diagnosed seven years ago. I researched the disease and found out how bad it really is and the lack of awareness it has. It was such a huge shock!

I had never heard of the disease before dad. I knew something needed to be done!

In November 2021 I decided I wanted to do a fundraiser. I decided to walk 310,000 steps through January to raise as much money and awareness as I could. I shared my fundraiser all over social media and within the first 24 hours I had raised over £130.

Whilst sharing my fundraiser all over social media I received a message from a lady named Andie Cropper who is part of the community events group around my dads local area. She said she was touched by my fundraiser and wanted to organise a cake, coffee and entertainment afternoon at the local church where all the proceeds would go to my fundraiser. I was very touched and so excited. At the church we raised an amazing £330!

Whilst at the church I actually hit my 310,000 steps. Through January I walked 425,071 steps. My lovely partner (Dave) joined me on a lot of my walks. We walked around Beverley, Hull and surrounding areas.

I have raised a huge £1,265 which is absolutely amazing considering my goal was only £100! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and supported me through doing this.

I’ve done this fundraiser not just for my dad but to all those other PF warriors out there.

I will always support and raise awareness for Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis. The work they do is amazing! They have supported me and my family so much already!

I can’t imagine a world without my dad. This disease is taking too many people. We need a cure!