New lanyards alert others to respect social distancing for people with PF and carers

September 2020

"Keep Your Space" cards and lanyards are now available to order.

APF have listened to PF patients and carers about the need to have a visible sign to alert others to give them extra space when they and their families are out and about in public.  

You can now order from APF new Lanyard(s), complete with four ‘Please Give Me Space’ Cards to go in the wallets. Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Meanwhile, you can also download and print a PDF to produce the cards at home.

APF created the new lanyards and cards in response to feedback from patients and carers. The cards aim to give patients and carers added protection, security and confidence by alerting others to give them more space to reduce the risk of infection during the pandemic.

Around 70,000 people in the UK are living with pulmonary fibrosis (PF), a progressive lung condition causing scarring or stiffening of the lungs, making it hard for oxygen to pass from the lungs to the body. Over time, people living with PF find it increasingly difficult to breathe, even when eating or talking. PF normally affects people over 50 and is often fatal.

Owing to the greater risk of a severe and potentially fatal reaction should someone with PF contract Covid-19, patients with PF are classed as ‘extremely clinically vulnerable’ and from March to July needed to shield. From 1 August shielding was paused, which has meant that patients can now be out and about in public if they wish.

While patients and carers are being very careful about social distancing, they can’t control the behaviours of other people. Wearing a face covering can make breathlessness worse, so people with PF are exempt, yet some have been refused entry to shops for not wearing one. Carers also need extra space to ensure they don’t contract or pass on Covid-19.

In partnership with patients and carers we worked together on the design and wording of the new lanyards, which come complete with wallets and four card options for added choice. APF will cover the costs involved, so they are free to order (donations always welcome; they cost @ £2 per complete lanyard/card set). The designs are:

Please Give Me Space

  1. I care for someone with a serious lung condition. Thank you
  2. I find it hard to breathe, therefore I am mask exempt. Thank you.
  3. I care for someone with a serious lung condition. Thank you.
  4. I have a serious lung condition. Please keep your distance. Thank you.

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