Michelle's Kiltwalk Challenge

June 2024

Michelle Hailes recently did something amazing to support our charity by taking on the famous Glasgow Kiltwalk for the sixth year in a row. Sadly this year it was to honour her husband, John, who passed away last year. Michelle was joined by friends and together they raised an incredible £1,150 for APF.

“I started to fundraise for Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis about 6 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with the disease, I have done a mighty stride Kiltwalk each year since his diagnosis in the hope to raise some funds for Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Michelle and Friends

My husband loved to work outdoors, always in the garden keeping busy and working, he loved being active and going on trips, his diagnosis did not slow him down, he tried to get on with life as normal. Unfortunately, the disease progressed at a rate which medications weren't slowing it down as much as everyone hoped, the only option was a lung transplant and after much consideration and testing, he was on the list.

John Hailes

My husband got the call to go for his lung transplant during August 2023, after a successful transplant and a few ups and downs, unfortunately his body took on infections, the hospital done everything they could for him but he sadly passed away during December 2023. I will continue to raise funds for this awful disease in the hope we eventually find a cure to get rid of IPF for good.”

Thank you so much for your support Michelle. Would you like to take on a challenge for APF? Please visit our Challenge page for further details.