Over £750 donated in memory of John Green

Man using portable oxygen
February 2023

Rachael describes her dad as “A giant of a man who looked after everybody. The lynchpin to our family”.

John Green was married to Linda for 51 years and had two daughters, Rachael and Sophie as well as two grandchildren, Phoebe and Noah. Despite being oxygen dependant for some time, John didn’t let this stop him enjoying a full life.

He worked from home as a financial advisor, taking his portable oxygen with him whenever he made visits to clients. He felt comfortable enough to explain his breathlessness to those around him, so he was given time to recover and regulate his breath when he needed to, post any active movement.

Away from work, John and Linda holidayed and socialised, again fitting his oxygen requirements around whatever the situation dictated.  Last summer they embarked on a cruise but sadly this was cut short when John contracted pneumonia and had to be hospitalised.

On their return home John resumed work and life continued relatively normally for the next two months.  A further stay in hospital followed and shortly after John was discharged, he found he had a chest infection.  The family and John agreed he should stay at home and, surrounded by his loving family (which also included grandchildren and his sisters) he sadly died on 11thDecember 2022 aged 73.

Rachael talks of the great care and support her dad received from the Royal Brompton Hospital and is thankful to the respiratory team there.  Mum, Linda, misses her husband greatly but John is remembered with love.

John with daughters, Rachael and Sophie and wife, Linda

Apparently, John followed APF on social media and encouraged Rachael to do the same.  When it came to making the funeral arrangements Rachael says:

It means a lot to us that donations following his death were made to APF. We hope that every pound raised can go towards research for the future and give hope to those affected.  Our darling Dad was taken far too soon

Thanks to the generous support of friends and family, £745 plus Gift Aid has been raised in memory of John.

If you’d like to support the work of APF in memory of a loved one, please get in touch or visit our website for more information.