Research update: Results from ZEPHYRUS-1 - A Phase 3 Clinical Trial

June 2023

FibroGen have announced the topline results for their Phase 3 clinical trial, ZEPHYRUS-1, which was the study of Pamrevlumab for the treatment of IPF. Sadly, the study did not meet the primary endpoints of a change in lung function in patients taking the trial drug.

ZEPHYRUS-1 was a phase 3 clinical trial which was testing whether a potential new drug, called Pamrevlumab, could help treat IPF. The study was a randomised control trial, where 2 groups of participants were given different treatments over a 48 week period. Group 1 were given the study drug, whereas group 2 were given a placebo, which did not contain any of the active medication.

This news is disappointing for the PF community, but knowing which drugs do not work is also important progress.  We want to extend our thanks to the people who took part in the study, along with the researchers and clinicians.  

The study found that the drug was generally safe and well tolerated, but it did not improve lung function or patient’s symptoms. The study compared Forced Vital Capacity (FVC) between both groups, and found that both groups got worse over time in a similar way.  

Based on the results, FibroGen have made the decision to stop the study.

We are deeply disappointed that these results do not support pamrevlumab as a new treatment for IPF. FibroGen would like to thank the patients and clinical trial investigators for their dedication to participating in this study.

Mark D. Eisner, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer, FibroGen.

What Next?

Around the world researchers are trying to find better treatments for patients with PF and many exciting projects are happening now.

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