Running in memory of Graham Brown

March 2023

Erika Brown will be running for APF in the Belfast Marathon in April. Along with a few friends, they are raising funds and vital awareness to help support families affected by pulmonary fibrosis.

Erika’s dad Graham had planned to watch Erika cross the finish line, but Graham very sadly passed away in February 2023. Graham was a much loved member of his Support Group and volunteered on the research review panel here at APF.

Erika and Graham (Photo taken Summer 2022)

"My wonderful Dad was diagnosed with Rheumatoid PF back in 2008 and it was an illness I'd never heard of. Up until recently Dad's life was pretty normal with no huge effects from PF. Gradually, over the last few years, we started noticing small changes such as a cough, inability to walk up steep gradients and the need for oxygen on the odd occasion."

"Once effects became visible, it got me thinking that people aren't aware of the illness and how it affects you. There is a general lack of knowledge of how to treat the illness, even within the clinical profession. I initially wanted to raise awareness, which developed into fundraising in the hope that a cure could be found one day." 

Family Fundraising (Photo taken Christmas 2022)
Graham and Erika (Photo taken Christmas 2022)

"My Dad had planned to come over to Northern Ireland to watch us, but unfortunately the cruel illness took him before that was possible."

"Dad, we are doing this for you and all your fellow sufferers!!"

Thank you so much for your amazing support Erika and we’ll all be rooting for you here at APF.