Remembering Sue's dad, Allan

Sue and her dad, Allan

Since Sue Brierley’s diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis in 2016, her dad Allan Glover stood by Sue, her husband, Tony and their three children. They embarked on a mission to fundraise for Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis, campaign for change and raise awareness of this devastating disease. Allan was with them every step of the way.

Sadly, Allan died from pancreatic cancer this year, but the family are comforted by the fact that he was reunited with his wife Iris on Valentines Day.

Sue describes Allan as "the best dad ever"

Sue remembers him as an amazing dad to her and her three brothers. She tells us “All through our childhood he was so supportive and a wonderful dad.  As we got into adulthood and became parents ourselves, he turned out to be a fantastic grandad too.  When mum died, our youngest daughter Libby was only six weeks old and her and dad became amazingly close over the years. He did the role of both grandad and grandma to all our kids.”  Libby has recently had a daughter herself, naming her Iris after her grandma.

Allan got involved from the start. He wore his APF wristband and, apart from replacing it occasionally, he never took it off until his final days. He came to every fundraising event Tony and Sue were involved in (and there were many) and donated several hundred pounds of his own money to the fundraising cause.  APF was one of two charities each receiving a donation of £371 collected at Allan’s funeral.

Sue (Centre) and Tony with family and Allan (front right)

Allan was all about family and, along with the rest of Tony and Sue’s relatives and friends, he knew that coming together to support those with illness in their lives was the most important gift he had.

Allan believed what all my family know about supporting each other, being there for each other and doing what we can to improve outcomes for those to come

This Father's Day, as Sue remembers her dad, we invite you to remember your dad on our APF Dedication Page