Raffles and Auctions

A raffle can be a great way of boosting your fundraising, either as an addition to another event or as a standalone fundraiser! Here are our top tips for holding a successful (and law-abiding) raffle.

Keep it legal. Unless you have a gambling license, you must sell tickets for your raffle and draw the prizes on the same day. You can find out more about this from the Gambling Commission or drop us an email. Alternatively, you can use raffle providers like Raffal, to sell tickets online.

Sourcing prizes. This can take a while, so allow yourself lots of time.  You might hear 'no’ a few times, but don't give up! We find that asking a local business or company face to face is far more effective than sending emails. Also, small businesses are more likely to respond if you send them a direct message via social media. Drop us an email and ask for a letter of authority to show businesses you're an APF fundraiser!

Who do you know? Remember when you're asking for prizes to approach any connections you have as a starting point. If you have friends or families that work for large companies, or run their own business, they are a good place to start.

Share your story. When asking for prizes it can be a good idea to share your reasons for holding a fundraising event. We know that PF is a disease that not enough people know about, nothing is more powerful than a story from the heart.

Use social media. If you’re a member of an active Facebook, Instagram, X, Snapchat and TikTok, share what you are doing, ask other to share.

When you register your event, you can order all the materials you’ll need for your big day. We can send you collection tins, buckets, banners, and other materials if needed.

Don’t forget to download our fundraising pack that is full of useful tips and advice on how to hold a successful event. It includes posters, sponsorship forms and guidance.