Pulmonary fibrosis (PF) is a fatal lung scarring disease that kills thousands in the UK every year.  

As the scarring progresses, the lungs become thicker and stiffer, making it increasingly hard to breathe. It’s deadlier than many cancers and it's on the rise.

Currently, there's no cure. People living with lung scarring say they feel invisible. They can ‘look’ fit and healthy but this masks the devastation going on inside their lungs. You can’t see lung scarring but you can hear it. Common symptoms include coughing and breathlessness.

New stats released this September support our awareness campaign, revealing a staggering lack of awareness of this killer lung disease that’s on the rise. Read our campaign news release.

Why do we need to hear the sound of PF?
The sound that normal breathing makes should hardly be noticeable. Compare this to the sound of someone with advanced lung scarring.
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Meet Geoff the breath of our campaign

Geoff lives with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), the most common type of lung scarring. Devastatingly, after a diagnosis of IPF, most people are given a life expectancy of between three to seven years.

Geoff is a loving husband, proud grandfather, active support group leader and an advocate for everyone affected by lung scarring.

‘When you say cancer, people know straight away what you’re talking about. When you say IPF, people say what’s that?’

As Geoff highlights, PF is not a well-known disease. Symptoms are missed, meaning it can be years before someone receives an accurate diagnosis. For some, this is too late.


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