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Towards a cure

We know that research is vitally important to families affected by pulmonary fibrosis. Finding new treatments and learning more about the disease could help us to one day find a cure to pulmonary fibrosis and bring an end to the devastation it can bring to so many lives.

We have ambitious plans to fund ground-breaking research over the next three years that we hope will change lives and create a better future for everyone living with pulmonary fibrosis. Sheetal’s story explains why research is urgently needed now.

Research provides hope for better treatment options, extended life expectancy and improved quality of life
Tim Mears

Tim Mears was a family man, married to Alison for over 33 years and father to three children. In November 2016, Tim sadly passed away from Idopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis at the age of just 58. Tim's son Dominic tells us why he and his family are firmly committed to supporting APF and it's Hope for All Research Appeal.

We have already made great strides in pulmonary fibrosis research, but we need to increase our research programme to ensure that in the future, families will not need to suffer as Sheetal’s and Tim's have.

It will cost £1.2 million to fund our ambitious plans that will help find new treatments and strengthen our chances of finding a cure. But we can’t do this alone.

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To be a part of the change and help us create a better future for everyone affected by pulmonary fibrosis, please donate towards our Hope for All Research Appeal today.

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