Support groups for patients

Patients tell us they can feel very alone after receiving a diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis. Being able to meet up with others who understand can make a world of difference.

Existing support groups

We work closely with support groups all over the country. Our aim is to increase the number of groups to 100 over the next couple of years so that no patients will live more than an hour from a support group.  

Find your nearest support group

Starting a new group

If you are a healthcare professional who would like to start a pulmonary fibrosis support group in your area, we can help. We offer grants, publicity, training and other support to help new groups to become established.

The best groups usually:

  • involve patients and carers in co-running the group in their area
  • have the support of their consultant and/or specialist nurse
  • offer a range of relevant topics and speakers to help cope with PF
  • make plenty of time for members to chat and support one another
  • meet in a venue that’s accessible for all

Please contact us to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you.

The support I get at my group is fantastic. It makes me feel that I’m not alone and that it will be ok