As a carer or family member, you can often feel physically and mentally exhausted by the demands of looking after someone who is seriously ill. There are many support services for carers across the UK.

Support services specific to pulmonary fibrosis

Carers of people with pulmonary fibrosis tell us that other people sometimes struggle to understand what they are going through. Some say they feel guilty if they are struggling. They may be unable to speak up, believing that the person they care for is the one who needs the support, not them. You don’t have to go through this alone.

Support groups

There is likely to be a support group for pulmonary fibrosis patients and families near you. Those who attend a group say that the support can be life-changing. You will find lots of information and advice on living with pulmonary fibrosis – as well as a place to meet and chat with other carers.

The support group has been my sanctuary – I don’t know what we’d have done without it.

Support line

You can email us, or call the Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis support line 24/7 and leave a message for us to return your call.

Support on social media

Family members can find helpful information from others going through the same thing on social media.  


Some family members find focusing on a goal or challenge is a good way for something positive to come out the situation.  Many families tell us they want to raise awareness as well as funds to fight pulmonary fibrosis. Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis offers support and advice with pulmonary fibrosis fundraising.

Support in the community

Government support for carers

There is government support and financial help available for people who care for others. Find out about government support for carers

Local support for carers

Have a look at Carers UK to find out about the services in your area, as well as the Carers Trust and Carers UK to find out about services in your area. It’s also a good idea to Google ‘support for carers in Nottingham’ – or wherever you live – and lots of support services will pop up.

Support from the hospice

Your local hospice can be a wonderful source of support. Hospice teams are skilled at helping people to enjoy quality of life, as well as providing great care later on in life. There are hospices in most towns and cities and they will all offer slightly different support. You can find more information and search for hospices near you at Hospice UK.