Shaun's Mum, Maureen

A photograph of Mum and Son along with a memorial card

Shaun's message to his mum last Mother's Day “I am comforted that APF is campaigning for research and awareness so that in future other people’s mothers, and all relatives and friends, might not be affected in the same way that my mum was by this dreadful condition”.

Shaun is the middle of three brothers, sharing a close relationship with their parents who, on retirement, moved to Bognor Regis on the South coast.  It was during the regular visits that the boys noticed their mum had a persistent cough, which eventually became a cause for concern.  Maureen sought medical advice and was referred to the local hospital where some lung scarring was identified.  

Shaun's parents enjoyed an active life and continued with daily outings locally as well as holidays, both home and abroad.  Shaun was unsure if pulmonary fibrosis had been diagnosed at this stage but knew his mum was receiving some irregular check-ups before eventually being referred to the Royal Brompton Hospital in 2018.  

Maureen and Patrick enjoying holidays together

It was at this stage Shaun wanted to be actively involved in supporting his mum and dad, Patrick, and find out more about his mum’s declining health.  The consultant at The Brompton carried out numerous tests and it was an opportunity to fully discuss his mum’s condition and possible treatment options.  Unfortunately for Maureen, despite anti-fibrotic medications being available, (these can slow down the build-up of scar tissue) the consultant was unable able to prescribe them as Maureen’s lung capacity at that time did not fall into the recommended guidelines for this course of action.  This is something APF has fiercely and successfully campaigned to change.

It was also at this time Shaun heard the term ‘palliative care’ mentioned in relation to his mum. He had no idea of the prognosis of the disease, and it was a lot of information for the family to digest.  

Oxygen was organised for Maureen both at home and whilst out and about. Shaun tells us that as time went on his mum’s mobility declined but the couple continued with occasional trips out, latterly with the use of a wheelchair.  A short holiday in the Autumn of 2019 resulted in Maureen getting a chest infection, followed by pneumonia. She was admitted to the local hospital but sadly died on 5th October that year.  

Mum was very family focussed. She loved celebrations, especially Christmas. She wanted to make sure everyone was there, and everyone was happy.


Maureen, Patrick and two of their three sons

Shaun says he didn’t discover Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis until after he lost his Mum. He was seeking answers to many questions, but he also wanted to get involved and do something.  During his research of the charity, he was happy to see that there was great support offered to people affected by pulmonary fibrosis, but what he was particularly interested in was the charity’s investment in research, education, and campaigning

So, a Sky Dive was how it all began!  Maureen’s 77th birthday would have been on 7th December that year and Shaun was able to book for that day, setting an ambitious fundraising target of £900.

Shaun Sky Diving on his Mum's 77th Birthday - raising funds for APF

The Sky Dive went ahead as planned on Maureen’s birthday and despite it being something way out of his comfort zone, Shaun says he knew “my mum will look after me”.  Raising an incredible £1503 for APF at that time, Shaun has since completed further fundraising challenges.  He has also participated in patient and carers focussed discussions to help shape the future of APF’s plans.

Last year, along with many others, Shaun made a Mother’s Day dedication to his mum.  This year we would like to invite you to remember your mum on our APF dedication page.