What is asbestosis?

Asbestosis is a type of scarring of the lungs or pulmonary fibrosis caused by the building material asbestos. It is one of several asbestos-related diseases.

Causes of asbestosis

Asbestosis usually develops many years after exposure to asbestos - a group of naturally occurring minerals. Before  their harmful effects were known, asbestos fibres were widely used in  insulation, building materials such as roofing and floor tiles, and brake  pads. Although asbestos has been banned in the UK, it can be found in older buildings. If the asbestos containing materials are intact, they pose little  risk but they require specialist removal.

The risk of developing asbestosis is related to the duration and extent of your exposure to asbestos. People who have handled asbestos at work are  at higher risk of developing the condition, such as carpenters, plumbers,  electricians, laggers or boiler makers, dock workers and ship building, asbestos miners, builders and painters. Second hand exposure is possible for household members of exposed workers, as asbestos fibres may be carried home on clothing.

Symptoms of asbestosis

Asbestosis symptoms include cough and shortness of  breath. Find more about pulmonary fibrosis and its symptoms.

Treatments for asbestosis

Asbestosis is not curable and there are currently no medications that will slow down pulmonary fibrosis once it has developed. However, pulmonary rehabilitation and oxygen therapy may help improve your quality of life. It is important to stop smoking.

Ongoing treatment

You’ll have regular appointments with your medical team to explore how your asbestosis is progressing. Together you will also decide whether supportive treatments are appropriate.

Outlook of asbestosis

In general, pulmonary fibrosis progresses slowly in patients with asbestosis. But if you are or were a smoker, the disease may progress faster, and you have a higher risk of lung cancer.

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